New girl Andi had to wait a LONG time for her “character intro card” 😀

TL; DR: Going to re-do this issue’s cover page once the comic concludes.

There was an idea from… I think BlackDove (?), about doing Star Wars style montage pics of the comic characters and looking back, I really don’t like the cover for this issue. I always try to make the comic covers for Adv of Alynnya Slatefire the best and most “state of the art” (heh heh puns) artwork to date, but by the time I finish an issue, they don’t look so great in my eyes. With that in mind and after a quick straw poll with Ranger Squad on stream, I’m going to do a much better cover for this issue.

Might even make that “a thing” from now on, too. Alternative comic covers is a very common practice and honestly, the best way I know to show you all my appreciation for being Rangers is to make everything the best it can be. So between Issue 1 and 2 of Furious Angels, we’ll have a Monday post of an alt cover. There’s a couple more pages to go first though!

EDIT: BIG BIG Thank you to We’re All Mad Here for the help with the dialogue in the first two panels on this page!

EPIC thank you to Ranger Squad for hanging out with me, being super cool company and in Sarai’s case, patiently explaining his current computer game, this weekend!

Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy!