We had some brilliant suggestions for the move Criminal Lord of the Crimes, Jericho Slythern, is performing – The Slythern Shuffle was mine 😉 This first issue is going to run a little longer than the intended 11 page format for Furious Angels. The villains in this one were going to be disposable goons but there was so much creativity and great ideas when I was drawing them originally that they’re sticking around a little bit longer 🙂
There’s a couple of fun little merch items available at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/CallMePlissken/ A nicely subtle Furious Angels logo t-shirt or maybe a Cutlet-Chan Co. sticker?
I draw the Furious Angels comic every Sunday live on stream at picarto.tv/callmeplissken – follow me for notifications of the streams.
Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy!